Let's Make YOUR FB Profile Magnetic!

Your 5 Day Agenda...

  • Day 1: Magnetize your profile so your target market wants to connect
  • Day 2: What you should be posting online 80% of the time to Magnetise your FB posts
  • Day 3: Find your qualified leads who want what you have
  • Day 4: Craft your post: get your audience to ask YOU for what they want
  • Day 5: Lead Communication with a Purpose! ~ engage your leads, discover the SECRET SAUCE to connecting with HOT prospects (without the sleaze)

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BONUS 1 [Video] How & Why to set up Followers on your FB Profile

BONUS 2 {Video] Define Your Target Audience and Create Your Perfect Customer Profile

BONUS 3 [Cheat-sheet] Define Your Target Audience and Create Your Perfect Customer Profile

BONUS 4 [Video] Developing Your DMO

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Marjean Christiansen

The Magnet Lead 5 Day Challenge truly helped me take my business to the next level.

It taught me the proper and safe way to build relationships, and get noticed as well as to get prospects to say yes to my opportunity and choose to join me in my endeavour.

I learned how to attract others to me rather than repel. Jacs does a superb job giving step by step instructions, easy for any person to follow regardless if a newbie or an oldie.

I recommend this challenge to anyone who desires to learn how to work online.

Marjean Christiansen
Jan Tincher

I enjoyed the program.  It was thorough, in other words, you made sure we knew what we were doing.  And I appreciate that.  I am thinking the 10 day one will be the same way.

Thanks for your help.


Jan Tincher
Annette Lucas

I really did enjoy it and I learned a lot! A Very helpful course, I really did learn a few new things and I loved that every single day didn't end with an up-sell of some kind.

You are one of the few people I have followed for years - you have stayed true to your "brand" and you are so awesome. I really like the stuff you share.

But ... I do plan to Highly recommend you, Robin and Laura - I think, especially for people new to online marketing, you guys are a God Send of reason and help without the hype. You guys are def true leaders.

Annette Lucas